Day 6 | Sci-Fi Concept art weapons. Part 2.

General / 13 January 2018

Finished concept art for his gun (in the course does not teach drawing, if that.)
Now you can do draft one of the chosen model.

Day 5 | Sci-Fi Concept art weapons. Part 1.

General / 12 January 2018

Started developing for the thesis.
Distribute the first batch of concepts.

Day 3| Extra homework №1 at school

General / 11 January 2018

Decided to start doing additional tasks for homework. So far have only made the draft of the Truck.

  • Theme: Draft.

  • Objects: Truck.

Day 1| Intensive 3D graphics at school

General / 10 January 2018

The first lecture of the class passed, and here it is ready the first homework.

  • Theme: Draft.

  • Objects: Weapons, Traffic sign, House.