Week 1-3 | Homework

General / 19 February 2018

Week 1 | The beginning of a new course and the first homework

General / 03 February 2018

Week 1.
That was the first week of the course with Lina Sidorova | CG lab.
The purpose of homework was to make sketches of the composition in the Alchemy of refining in photoshop.

Day 23 | Homework №5

General / 31 January 2018

Day 23.
The course is in full swing to its end and I made another homework.
The essence was such that it was necessary to create in Substance Painter your material and apply to your asset.

Day 16 | Homework №4

General / 24 January 2018

Day 16. Part of the homework ready.
The lesson we should have learned knowledge on the basics of baking a normal map with hipoly on the lowpoly.
Kind of figured, but need more practice.

Day 14 | Homework №3

General / 21 January 2018

It's a tradition the night to finish homework assignments)
In General, the aim is this:
Training create hipoly in REFs. Loops, Or Sudden Death, Smoothing.
Of course the gamepad is not quite like out, affect the 0-th skills in 3D, but I tried.

Rock Sketch #1

General / 19 January 2018

Hi friends! Thought that would be to create a section on the twitch and YouTube where I am with you to draw rock stars and listen to the music. (later, will launch the project)
The sketch was drawn after watching the film American Satan, portrayed by Andy Biersack.
Liked the movie, didn't expect that myself!

More art on my website www.blackink.xyz

Day 10 | Homework №3

General / 18 January 2018

Today you will show of the housework, because I was unable to finish it due to technical reasons, but I hope things will get better.
The purpose of this lesson is to make a scan of the finished model.
For myself I can say that how to do it I understand, but it will be necessary to disassemble how to make a repeating part on the model in the UV to save space.

Day 8 | Group work pt.1

General / 15 January 2018

The first steps in teamwork done.
The concept is ready, the draft started, the work goes on.

Group members:

  1. Ruslan Farkhutdinov
  2. Roman Akulich
  3. Vyacheslav Nikulaichev
  4. Max Chernikov

Day 8 | Homework №2

General / 14 January 2018

Completed the 2nd homework. Wanted of course to do is sign the gun that laid out the concept, but not calculated the force and it was a long lopolith. Next time will finish.
what we have:

  1. Draft Motorcycle

  2. Lowpoly Road sign in 1510 Tris

  3. Lowpoly Shield in 692 Tris

Day 6 | Sci-Fi Concept art weapons. Part 2.

General / 13 January 2018

Finished concept art for his gun (in the course does not teach drawing, if that.)
Now you can do draft one of the chosen model.